Server Migration - no items appear

Hi, I'm migrating a site (v. 1.2.1) from one server to another.

I have successfully installed a new/fresh version of 1.2.1 on the new server.

I have successfully copied over all my /archive/ files and my theme and plugins.

I have successfully imported my old database into my new database via phpmyadmin.

I am able to log into the admin panel of the new install, but it shows "0 items, 0 collections..."

I've done this twice to the same result. Can someone point me to a step along the way where I may be taking a wrong turn?

One place I am unsure about is when the new site is installed, I am asked to fill out the basic site settings - but shouldn't those carry over from the old database?

Thank you for advice/pointers.


If you're being asked to fill out the basic settings, you're seeing the installer.

This means you either haven't copied over the database, or your db.ini file isn't pointing at where you copied it to. In particular, make sure you're importing into the same database that's named in the db.ini.

Thank you - I will check the db and my ini file, though I'm pretty sure that it has copied (i can see my tables) and i'm pointing to the right db (there is only one on the server, and omeka is connecting to it)

The "moving to another server" instructions state to install a fresh Omeka (step 1) before importing the old db (step 3); perhaps I'm going too far with the fresh install?

I did think I should not be seeing the installer, thank you for verifying that.

Will try again -thank you-

"Install" in that sense is meant to only mean loading the Omeka files on that new server. If you're copying over an existing database, you don't want to run the installer.


I discovered the problem. I had changed the "prefix" in the db.ini file from "omeka_" to the prefix that my databases use. Not sure why. Should have left that alone.

Thank you for your help. All is up and running now.