Server Migration and Upgrade from 1.5.1: Unknown column 'record_name' in 'omeka_

I'm getting a similar error to the one described here when upgrading/migrating from 1.5.1 on Media Temple to 2.3.1 on Webfaction:

SQL error in migration: Mysqli statement execute error : Unknown column 'record_name' in 'omeka_search_texts'

My omeka_search_texts table is empty. The only place I'm finding record_name is in the index for that table.

I've done server migrations and upgrades quite a few times but can't figure out what I'm missing here.

Any advice?

You have a search_texts table in your old (pre-upgrade) 1.5 database?

That table didn't exist in Omeka 1.5, so if you have it, that's a sign that you're not dealing with a clean copy of the old database.

The problem in the thread you linked was not any problem with the old database itself, but confusion over the upgrade/migration instructions that led that user to import the old database on top of a new fully-installed one. If you're moving the database around, you want to import it cleanly, not on top of anything pre-existing.

Ok, now that I'm looking closely at the previous site/server, it looks like they were running an Omeka 1.5.2 database on the Omeka 2.0 codebase (or at least that's what it looks like based on the version in bootstrap.php) but never completed the actual database upgrade (it still says 1.5.2 in the options table but it does contain search_texts as well so maybe an earlier attempt to upgrade caused some other issue). I'm not even sure how this site is working. I might have the wrong directory or something. I'll get in touch with the site owners and post here if I find anything worth sharing.

It turns out there was an aborted upgrade at some point in the past which left several extra tables behind. Eliminating the 2.x-related tables prior to running a new upgrade did the job.