Separate Subject File

Hi, we intend to use the CSV importer and was wondering for bulk/batch loading and was wondering if a process existed to create a separate subject file and have items point to subject(s) in the file sort of an subject authority file for Omeka.

Hi gnosis,

Are you talking having a separate file that contains a list of subjects, and on import looks for the subject of an item in a separate file and adds that value when importing? If so, that functionality isn't in the CSV Import.

If you mean something else, let me know.


Thanks, Jeremy. I just wanted to know the best way to catalog and then format my spreadsheet.

How do I enter subjects into my spreadsheet? All in one column, separated by some sort of punctuation? Or each subject gets it's own column?

And if CSV import does not allow for separate subject file how to control authority as well as guarantee that when I click on a single subject that all items that have that particular subject are returned.

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If you want to map the subject to the "Subject" Dublin Core element, you will need to create a separate column in your spreadsheet for each subject slot.
For example, you could create columns called "subject1", "subject2", "subject3", etc.

If you want to map the subject data to item tags, you can use commas to separate the subject data and place the data into a single column. For example, you could make a column called "subjecttags", and then in each cell of that column, separate the subjects with commas. For example, your the cell for your first item may be "Astronomy,Geology,Mathematics", and the cell for your second item may be "Astronomy,Greek"

Currently, the CSV Import plugin does not have the ability to map comma-separated values to a Dublin Core element, this only works for tags.

Let me know if this helps.

Thank you. What is an item tag and how is it different than using subject?

Also, if I have these subjects in item 1:

And these in item 2:

and I click on Astronomy subject will I be turned both records?

How about if I use "Astronomy,Geology,Mathematics" for item 1 and "Astronomy,Greek" for item 2, is Astronomy clickable and will it return both records?

Each item can have tags associated with it. These tags are used in the tag clouds on the site. By clicking on a tag in the tag cloud, you will be returned all items that have that tag. So tags help your users filter the items in the archive they want to view.