Any thoughts towards adding S.E.O. or search engine optimization to Omeka. Being able to present sitemaps to search bots, crawlers, etc?

We're looking at working on navigation in general in Omeka 2.0.

One of the features of the underlying Zend library we're looking to use allows automatic output to an XML sitemap.

It's still possible to do something like this now with a plugin. There's at least one sitemap plugin written by an Omeka user on GitHub.

thanks for your information sir

Something new about this ? Is this still planned for 2.0 ? I didn't find anything on github.

The plugin indidated by John doesn't seem to work anymore (or I did an error when installing it, no much time to investigate)

The navigation work John mentioned for 2.0 is coming along well, but I'm not sure if the sitemap generation will be there in the upcoming release.

Any word on sitemaps, S.E.O.?

I too would be interested in this.