Sendmail Errors

I have two installations of Omeka, both on AWS EC2 instances. However, one instance uses an Amazon Linux AMI and the other uses a different Linux AMI. The first installation successfully sends emails to new users when they are added. The second does not.

At first, I received a Zend exception error when I attempted to add a user, so I installed sendmail. Now the emails appear as though they have been sent successfully; however, they are never received.

I'm hunting around for tutorials on sendmail setup, but they all seem to be from the early 2000s, which makes me think I'm on the wrong track entirely. Any ideas?

Sending email from EC2 can be a little dicey. Lots of the EC2 IP address range is blacklisted, and there's some setup pitfalls for the various mailers.

You could explore using Amazon's Simple Email Service, which allows a number of free messages from EC2 instances, and won't suffer from blacklist or setup problems.

I believe you can send from SES using an SMTP relay, which you'd just have to configure using Omeka's email settings in application/config/config.ini.