Seeking to change configuration settings so that I could post an image

I am currently working on a digital archive on Omeka and want to post images on it. However, whenever I try to upload an image by adding a file, a webpage titled "Omeka has encountered an error" appears. I'm aware of the fact that I need to resolve this issue by making some changes to the configuration of my Omeka installation as well as the permissions, but nothing changed when I followed the directions from previous forum posts. Can anyone please provide some much needed and detailed assistance with this matter? Thanks in advance.

If you followed the link and guidance on that page for retrieving error messages, you should be getting much more information about the error displayed. Posting up all of that information will help us track things down.

So I actually followed the directions given by the retrieving error messages page and also edited my .htaccess file on TextEdit. However, the problem still persists. Does anyone know if there is anything else to be done in order to get an Omeka site to actually display error messages?