Seeking plugin creation "before and after" mouseover effect on images

Hi Folks,

We're interested in the development of a "Now and then" plugin that would allow selected images to be overlaid with a newer image of that artefact/historical landmark etc. and then "peeled back" to reveal the original image underneath using a mouseover effect.

The effect I'm looking for is something like this:

I guess there are several ways of creating criteria for linking two images together that could be used to support this plugin, eg.
-Could be an extension of the exhibit plugin?
-use of the dublin core "relation" element?
-a specific "now and then" item type?

Does this sound like a worthwhile project? Anyone interested in quoting for this?

That does look like it could be a really nice effect to have available. Either using the relation element or making an item type would be a quick way at it. But a more generalizable approach might be to have the plugin add "Before" and "After" fields to the item edit page with the hooks available. Then, users would attach both the images to the item, save it, and then go back to choose which of the uploaded images is before and after.

Thanks Patrick, that sounds like a better way of doing it!

If anyone has any suggestions about who I might approach to put together a proposal about this it would be much appreciated.