Section organization in Exhibit Builder

I am working on a rather large exhibit and the sections represent years. We have not added the sections in order so I have been manually moving them around as needed.

This was not much of a problem until the update caused the edit page to list the sections and pages all at once. Now the page takes a while to load and I have to do a lot of scrolling to get to the section I want (at the bottom of the page) and a lot of scrolling to get it moved where I want it and a lot of scrolling to get back to the bottom of the page so I can save the changes. This is annoying as I now have around 60 sections with about 6-9 pages each (is there a limit on the number of sections?).

Despite this annoyance I haven't had any trouble rearranging things until the most recent section. I can click and drag the section to where I want it but when I click "Save Changes" it takes a few seconds and then it times out and the following error displays:

Error 7 (net::ERR_TIMED_OUT): The operation timed out.

Is this a result of too many sections or is something else going wrong?

I tried it in a different browser and got it to work so I'm not sure now if it was because of the browser or just the timing.

I'd still like to know if there is a limit to the number of sections. It would also be great if the format of the page could be changed for those of us with a lot of sections so we don't need to scroll as much to rearrange things.

There is no limit to the number of sections you can add.

You're right that, as currently designed, the admin interface doesn't really handle 60 sections that well. Do you have ideas for how the interface could be changed to accommodate that many sections?

I think it would help if you could add a section at any designated point instead of having it only add to the bottom. It would also be helpful if the pages weren't shown by default (or perhaps if one could turn that option on or off).

Thanks. We can add a ticket to the Addons Trac for this and see about getting it into a future release. Toggling the page display on/off would be an easy solution I think. Add a section at a designated point would be a bit more complicated, but not much more. Sixty sections is still a lot, but I agree these solutions would help some.