Iam new in omeka, but my site is up.
I use 2.0.1 and I would like change the
uppercase letter to lowercase
the title of my collections before of dublin core

and here

and delete the word
dublin core.

What is the file?

Yeah, why is "Dublin core" featuring so prominently? It's confusing to viewers. My exhibition is about China in the 19th century and has nothing to do with "Dublin." Otherwise, I'm loving it.



Do you have a link of the exhibition about China in the 19th century with omeka?

Hi there,

I do ( but it's not anything to brag about (yet). I'm trying to modify the theme and making a bit of a mess of it. I think this theme has too elaborate a navigation system. It sort of overwhelms the page.



My site is more humble

Hi back,

I like that web page a lot. Simple and straight-forward. You convinced me to remove one level in the hierarchy tree and the navigation menu is now much more manageable. It's a great idea to have people who share the same theme share ideas. Maybe there should be an Omeka forum for that purpose? Or is this it?


I don't know.. can talk with the managers...
one regards

I think this is the perfect forum for people to discuss their own tweaks to themes and share ideas.

The wiki's Sites Using Omeka page would be another natural place to advertise what theme you built your site on, if any, and find people also using yours. The convention right now is only to list plugins, but I think mentioning the theme there would be a great idea.

Thanks John I will put the name of my site in the wiki's Sites Using Omeka

Is there a way to move the Search container from header into the navigation block?