Seasons theme: Resize Image on Item Show Page


by default I get the 'squared_thumbnail' size but I'd like just the 'thumnail' one.

I have tried changing the default parameter in the globals.php function:

function item_image_gallery($attrs = array(), $imageType = 'square_thumbnail', $filesShow = false, $item = null)

with no results.

Could you help me? Lot of thanks in advanced!!

Could you tell what theme you are using, and what page(s) you want to change?

He Patrick,

the theme is called Seasons. And the pages I think is item/show.php. My Omeka versiĆ³n is 2.0.2.

thank you very much!

huh. I would have thought that would work, though it's generally better to not change core functions. Instead, in the items/show.php file, look for

<?php echo item_image_gallery(); ?>

and change it to:

<?php echo item_image_gallery(array(), 'thumbnail'); ?>

Also, since the release of seasons with 2.0.2, there have been a couple updates to it. It might work to grab the latest release of Seasons and install that, then try what's above.

thanks!! I'll try installing the latest release of Seasons.