Seasons theme: missing files

Hi all, FYI, the Seasons theme seems to be missing several template files, including custom.php, index.php and the whole /items/ and /collections/ directories. This appears to be the case on this site as well as on GitHub. Cheers -- E

In general, 'missing' theme files fall back to the corresponding files that can be found in /application/views/scripts. That said, I'm not familiar enough with Seasons to know whether it used to override those files. Does it seem to look the way it used to?

I'm not actually using it, I was just looking at some of the custom functions and noticed that they were not defined anywhere that I could find.

I just gave it a test run and it does fail when trying to load the theme config/options page. So while the others may have default fallbacks, I think the custom.php file is actually missing.

As far as I can see, Seasons is working fine, and the theme config page loads correctly.

Pretty much all the bundled Omeka themes don't have all the possible theme files, often including custom.php.

I believe the only one that's had a custom.php for a while has been rhythm, because it actually has some theme-specific functions.

My copy of Seasons has a config.ini file with an option for custom_header_navigation. I assume this is where the data for the header function custom_public_nav_header() is set.

What I don't understand then is how this function works without being defined somewhere (making another assumption that a built-in function wouldn't be given the 'custom' prefix, which I suppose might be wrong).

Anyway, it's not working for me, but that might be an unrelated problem.

The real point of my query, by the way, is that I'd like to see how that custom nav function is written because I'm trying to do something similar.

Aha, I found it.


I had no idea there were so many prefab theme options. I'd been writing them from scratch (and not nearly as well).

Thanks and apologies for the false alarm.

This is definitely something we need to look at documenting more (and more clearly).

We found we were using the same custom settings in almost every theme, so their implementations got pulled up into the core.

Hopefully some of the more interesting things that are currently locked away in custom.php and theme-specific config will end up as better, full-fledged Omeka features in Omeka 2.0, so individual theme writers won't need to worry about reinventing the wheel so much.

Customized navigation is one of the big things on this to-do list.

Thanks John!