Seasons theme and Neatline Widget - Text


I have a problem with Netline Text display on Seasons theme ( Text div is above all other Neatline divs.
- Omeka:Version 2.4
- Neatline: Version 2.5.1 by Scholars' Lab
- Neatline Widget ~ SIMILE Timeline: Version 2.0.4 by Scholars' Lab
- Neatline Widget ~ Text: Version 1.1.0 by Scholars' Lab
- Neatline Time: Version 2.1.0 by Scholars' Lab
- Neatline Widget ~ Waypoints: Version 2.0.2 by Scholars' Lab

How can i fix it?


Hi dmitry.levshun,

This looks like an issue with some of the style rules from the Seasons theme. Unfortunately, the NeatlineText plugin does not work with every theme.

You have a couple of options to fix it. One would be to switch themes to something like Neatlight ( that should work with NeatlineText. The other option is modifying the stylesheet in the Seasons theme, overwriting the styles that are causing the neatline-narrative to appear out of line with the map.