Seasons empty space - what's supposed to go here?

We are using the Seasons theme for an exhibit (on Omeka 2.0), and there is a big, empty box in the navigation. What does the theme think is supposed to go there? Can I remove that element, to allow the rest of the navigation to overflow that space?
(To see what I'm talking about see

That empty space shows up under the title of your exhibit. Your title is fairly long, and you're only using one "level" of pages, so you end up with a lot of dead space.

Adding a top level of pages, one for each artist, then nesting the existing pages underneath should make it act a little better, and let you use shorter names for the pages.

If that's still not looking nice enough, or you want to keep this structure, you should be able to make the title appear on its own line, letting the other pages take up more space.

There's a style selector in the seasons CSS: #content .exhibit-page-nav>li:first-child

If you remove the float: left style there, the exhibit title should be pushed to its own line.

Thank you John! Just reworking the titles as you suggested with another level of pages solved it.