Seasons editing issue

So i'm trying to edit the index.php file for seasons in dreamweaver but it keeps coming back with error "Fatal error: Call to undefined function head() in /mnt/space/workstudy-ebook/David/Omeka_test/seasons/index.php on line 1" i already created a php environment as the testing server and a test file works just fine

i am including a link with a print screen of the page if that would help


Omeka's theme files only work within Omeka, they can't be previewed out on their own, like Dreamweaver's trying to do here.

ohh, i wasn't aware of that. is there a WYSIWYG editor i can use within omeka to edit the themes cause i want to be able to see what i'm doing and also because my coding isn't very strong

Not really. The themes interact with the Omeka database and core functions to display data, and so a distinct WYSIWYG editor won't really work.

Best bet is to dive right in and start moving code around. Code won't bite, and it's a great way to start building up stronger coding skills.