Searching for users returns items they've modified

When I search my Omeka site for the name of one of the site's users, the results seem to return every item that that user has modified. Is that correct?

I'm not sure that this is desirable default behavior, since the public display of the item gives no indication who modified it, and thus there is no indication to the user why that item matches the search results.

Are you trying to filter items added by a site user?

Have you tried this: go to admin advanced item search; choose the user name from the User dropdown; and search.


That's helpful to know; I hadn't noticed that feature in the advanced search. But as it happens, I want to do the opposite of searching for a user. When using the simple search, unless a user's name appears in a publicly displayed field, it shouldn't appear in the search results.

But after playing around some more, I wonder if there is a different reason behind this. Does the simple search field perform an OR search rather than an AND search?

For example, if I search for "Agatha" I get only two results, as expected.

But if I search for "Mother Agatha" I get 20 results.

It seems to me, anyway, that the simple search should search for all of the terms, not any of the terms.

I'm using Omeka 2.0.3.

Have you looked at the search settings documentation page? It might help explain how the different search mechanisms work.

So, a keyword search returns results similar to Google Search. For example, searching on "Mother Agatha" should prioritize records that contain the full string, but will also include records that contain the individual words "mother" or "agatha."

Awesome. You all have thought of everything. Thanks for the help.