Searching for special characters


Some of the item names in our database contain special characters such as accents (e.g. Brödel). Ideally we would like these to match a search on the character without accents (e.g. Brodel), but the built-in search does not do this. Do you know of any way to accomplish this?



We're having trouble with this issue too. On a sample item view page (, we have a number of metadata values that link to search results, though any with special characters return no results. If anyone out there has suggestions on how to address this, please post some ideas!


This is slightly different from Jacob's issue (sorry we didn't respond!).

In Jacob's case, I think those will look like completely different words in the database, and I don't think there's a good way to match those up.

Jeremy's case is looking for the same characters, and looks like an issue in how the query for an exact match is handled. If you go into the Search By Metadata plugin folder, in the file SearchByMetadata.php, look for this line

'type' => 'is exactly',

and delete it. That might make those links work.

Your site seems to be doing a redirect when you click those links: the links off the Title, Subject, etc. are to /rabat/items/browse[...], and you get redirected to /rabatgenizahproject/items/browse[...].

However you have that redirect set up, it's double-percent-encoding the URL. The link is actually correct on the page, but the one the browser is told to redirect to is wrong. You could probably either fix the redirect to handle the escaping correctly, or fix the links so they go directly to /rabatgenizahproject/items/browse.

mjpritt: As for your question (and apologies for the delay), what version of Omeka are you using?

For the exact example you gave, I get the results you want (searching "Brodel" gives an item with a metadata entry of "Brödel" as a result) already, for both the sitewide and items-specific search.