Searches Failed- Samyak Veera

Hi... My name is Samyak Veera from U.S.

When I try to search an item with keyword it returns me nothing(Your query returned no resul), but when I search with Boolean or exact match it returns to me the items that I want. Any idea what might be the cause?

Samyak Veera

How many items do you have in your installation? How common is your search term (is it something that would be in almost every item)?

+1 to this.
If I do a search for "war" I get no results (we've just completed a big collection of World War 1 biographies on our omeka instance so there are 100+ records) whereas if I search for "world war" I get results.

Is this something that can be addressed or is it something we need to work around?

Sorry, I just read JOhn's response to this post:
which clarifies that this is a limitation of MySQL full text searching.

Hi Mebrett

It's 5 items,At the moment i am just doing some test. If you have any working link solution of this problem then give me.

It's easy for me for finding the solution.

Samyak Veera

Searching by keyword will fail if there are too few items or if the keyword appears with a high frequency: "MySQL considers terms that appear in over 50% of indexed items to be so common that it excludes them from keyword searches."

Thanks for your suggestion..I'll definitely go through your point.

Samyak Veera