Search/Browse, Encore Like filters

I'm looking at the way search is returned in Omeka and I am trying to create filters for "item types" and "tag" so that users may refine their search results by clicking on links.

For example, please see the NYPL catalog which uses Encore:

The first thing I would like to do is determine the tags associated with all of the results returned by the search, not just the first 10 on the page. So if there are 16 search results, I'd like to find the tags of all 16, but still only display the first 10 items. I'd then make the tags clickable to those tag pages, or as search refinements (likely using the advanced search interface).

I'd also like to perform this same task for item type.

Thus far I'm having difficulty understanding how to gain access to all of the search results, and am not sure if this kind of functionality is possible within Omeka.

Any ideas?