Searchable media

Just installed Omeka (me likie what I have experienced so far, a lot), and am crawling through the docs, faqs, forums. Most questions are getting answered through absorbing everything so far.

However, I am exuburant and haven't found this answer yet. Can Omeka drill down and search .doc, .pdf, .ppt and such files? The historical society I'm helping has a gob full of .pdf files for instance, and they are really looking for the ability to seach the body AND the PDF headers (for meta).

This capability there? Via plugins I haven't seen yet?

Am really liking what I have seen. Well done crew and community. Very well done.

Unfortunately, Omeka's site search cannot search within the files. If the text of the file is reproduced in the document type's "text" field, then it is searchable. You can search through individual files if you are using the DocsViewer plugin: because the Viewer comes with its own localized search for that doc only.