Search Results -- permanent link


Is there a way to retain a permanent link to a search results page in Omeka? For example, I would like to link a search results page from one of my exhibit pages. But the search string that I input into the exhibit page gets transformed and generates an error when the link is selected.

For example, this link:[0][element_id]=&advanced[0][type]=&advanced[0][terms]=&range=&collection=&type=&user=&tags=pleasure+island&public=&featured=&submit_search=Search.

is transformed into something like this:


If I paste the original URL into my browser, the search result page is generated correctly.

Thanks for your help.

It's probably because TinyMCE was set to change all URLs to be relative. That was fixed with

It'll be out in the next version but you can change that file yourself in the meantime.

Thanks. This fixed the problem.