search problems

I'm having problems using the simple search on any public theme (including the Omeka provided themes). I'm getting no results unless searching for a tag keyword (and only if inputing the full tag name if multi-word). All other fields return nothing.

I've started to modify the Thanks Roy theme but I left this line the same:
<?php echo simple_search(array('id'=>'simple-search'),uri('items/browse')); ?>

I also checked using the search functions on the admin side and am having the same problems in the basic search. The advanced search seems to be working when searching for keywords in a specific field.

I poked around for the php file that has the search functions but had trouble finding it.

Any suggestions?


Right now the tag searching mechanism looks for the full name of the tag (case insensitive). For example, if you had something tagged 'connecticut' and 'river' then your test item would show up with a search for either of those terms, but if the tag is 'connecticut river' then only a search for 'connecticut river' (sans typos) will show that as a result. Basically the tags aren't tokenized when searching, which may not be what you are expecting when you search for those terms. In fact, it may not be what we are expecting, so I'll have to discuss amongst others to determine whether or not this is a bug that needs to be fixed.

Regardless, all the metadata for the item should be searchable with the simple search bar, so that if you have 'connecticut' or 'river' anywhere in the metadata for an item, that item would show up in the search results. MySQL's search is a bit finicky though, so it may not show any results while you only have a few items in your database. Long story short, if you do more data entry, then the results should get better as the data set gets larger.

I hope that helps, and let me know if you have more questions.

Hi kkay,
I'm having the exact same problem you describe - my search only works on tags, not on wider metadata (nor titles!) I see your site is now fixed, how did you do it? thanks in advance.