Search OCR'ed PDFs in Omeka

Hello everyone,

I have scanned my PDFs for OCR and uploaded them to my item page, but is there any way to be able to search the PDF without having to download the file first? The only icon options I see are, full page view, full screen view, zoom out, zoom in, save, and print.

I know of the PDF Search plugin, but that does not seem to be exactly what I want.

I'd appreciate your help!

What version are you working in? If you are in 2.0, we have a PDFText plugin that is an update to the PDFSearch plugin.

Thanks for replying!

I have version 1.5.3. Am I understanding the plugin you mention to display just the extracted plain text instead of the original PDF? If so, that might not work since the 'look' of the item is important as well.

How are you viewing the PDF?

The icons you describe sound like they might be coming from your browser's PDF viewer (like Chrome's) or a PDF reader plugin.

Omeka can't control what features those kinds of viewers provide, but I believe they do offer search. (try Ctrl+F or Command+F?)

My PDFs are coming up in the browser's PDF viewer, and your suggestion worked perfectly.
Thank you so very much!