search not returning records after upgrade

Recently upgraded from Omeka 1.x to 2.1.3.

Old site is here:

On the upgraded site, which can be found here...

...the Search function does not return items that were created before the upgrade. For instance, if you search "Johnson" on the old site, it returns a number of items. On the new site, only items that have been created or re-saved since the upgrade are returned.

We executed the "Index Records" function in the Admin/Settings/Search about 24 hours ago and got this message:

"Indexing records. This may take a while. You may continue administering your site."

But we're still experiencing the same problem.

Should the re-index be taking this long? If not, what might the problem be? Is there some other way to force a re-index?

Thanks in advance.

It does look like there's some problem with the reindexing process on your system.

Have you enabled error logging, and if so, is there anything in the logs related to the indexing process? It seems like the reindexing might be encountering an error of some kind and it's unable to begin or complete the process.

Hi John--thanks for your reply.

We have error logging enabled, but nothing gets logged when we try to re-index.

Other thoughts?

You can try and see what happens if you tell the indexing to happen immediately in the same web request, instead of running in the background.

You change this setting in config.ini:

jobs.dispatcher.longRunning = "Omeka_Job_Dispatcher_Adapter_Synchronous"

The "Synchronous" setting makes potentially "long" jobs like reindexing run as part of the request. Some servers have issues running background jobs and need this setting.

You should be able to see if there's some kind of error occurring with this changed setting, or it's possible that the indexing will simply succeed when run synchronously.

I am a colleage of the original poster
I think I found the problem... the Geolocation Plugin was messing with the indexing
when I de activated the Geolocation Plugin the indexing worked

I have re activated the geolocation plugin and have not since pressed the "index record" button and all seems ok for now...

below is the error I found when I tried the indexing

Notice: Undefined index: geolocation in path to omeka/plugins/Geolocation/GeolocationPlugin.php on line 177

any idea how to "define" this index?

Just a notice shouldn't cause the indexing to stop. Are you sure there's not some other error message that goes along with that notice, one that actually starts with "Error"?

At any rate, that problem is just an issue with the Geolocation plugin, one which should be fixed with the next release of the plugin.