search metadata

I have Omeka 2.3 installed with additional items.
I also have plugin "Search By Metadata" installed but how does this works ?
In the plugin I checked all fields, should it be possible to browse the collections and search for it ?
Now nothing happens when I search for some data of an item I made.


Checking all the fields might be overkill - in general check only those fields in which you expect to have the same metadata across multiple items (the example in the documentation is creator, but I can also see it being used for date, location, publisher, etc)

I changed it and now only "some" fields are selected but when I search on the value of a field which is selected in the plugin, I get:

Your query returned no results...

I am doing something wrong ?

hereby an update:

I only selected a few items and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

There is a (french) book with a title: Vos Yeux
When I search on "Yeux", it finds the book but when I search on "Vos", it doesn't.

There is also another item which always has a number but it never gives a result.

How does this indexing works from this plugin ?
It seems that something is not working as it should ?

Another "problem" is that you can't use wildcards in your search.
When I search for a book "blind sports international" and I enter "international", then Omeka finds the book but is there no possibility to use wildcards so that when I enter "internat" or "internat*" that it also finds the book ?

thanks, Verus.

The sitewide search uses MySQL's fulltext search indexing, which has a server-configured lower limit for the size of words that get indexed. By default that limit is usually 4 letters, so words shorter than 3 letter don't get indexed. Omeka can't change this limit; it has to be changed in the database server settings.

You can use truncation and wildcards in your search if you use the advanced search options (by clicking the ellipsis or plus) and choose the "Boolean" search option.

Thanks for the feedback, now it works. :)
There is only one more problem/question I have:

In the items we have there is one item named "spatial coverage" and that is always a number with a space.
That item is also selected in the "search by metadata" plugin.
But when I search for that number (the number here by example is "210 009", with the space and no quotes) then I get no results and I do a Boolean search with or without wildcard.
Is that because of the space between 210 and 009 ?
When I search for other words with 3 characters and a wildcard, I do get a result.

So, 210* (fom item spatial coverage with value "210 009", without the quotes of course) doesn't give me a result and 199* (value "1995" from item date issued) gives me the correct result.

But when I enter 210 009 with option "exact match", then I get the correct result.
Best would be that if we enter 210* , that we get the result also.
Is there an explanation for that ?

The 4-letter limit gets applied on indexing. MySQL sees your numbers as two "words" each of three "letters," so neither gets indexed. Also, generally, the full text search only matches words, so a wildcard won't "jump" to the next word.

The "exact match" search doesn't actually use the full text index, so that limitation doesn't apply.