Search function within Exhibits

Is it possible for users to search within an exhibit? Or would this need to be added manually into the code?

The exhibit text is included in the site search already, but we don't have a function that allows a user to search within only one exhibit. You would have to customize that yourself.


Sheila & Citronade,

The Omeka search currently does not search any of the content in exhibits. The Omeka search only looks through content in the core of the software, and not the exhibit builder as a plugin. In the future, it may be possible for the Exhibit Builder (and other plugins) to be added to a site-wide search, however it currently is not implemented that way.


is this still the case? it doesnt make any sense to build an exhibition and not be able to search it can someone help with this? has it been addressed already since this conversation is 2 years old? If not what files need to be modified for this to work.