Search for word doesn't retrieve item with that word in title

In the database I am working on, there is an item with the title "Looking at our communities".

This is its URL:

When I search for "looking" or even "Looking", the item is not found. This happens in both the public site and the admin back-end version. The same thing happens when I use the advanced search and choose "contains" in the selection box of search options.

But when I search for "communities", the item shows up in the search results.

This non search result does not change whether I am logged in or not.

I am wondering what the error is here/how it may be fixed.

It just so happens that "looking" is a MySQL stop word, a word that's ignored when doing search indexing.

Omeka doesn't have any control over the stop word list, but you (or possibly your host) can change or disable the stopword filtering with a MySQL server configuration.

A "contains" search from the advanced search doesn't have the same restrictions, and will work fine with "looking."

Sorry for the late reply - just wanted to say thanks for the information.