"Search Field" - which fields are searched by default?

So, many forms use the search bar on top, almost like a quick search. It gets called like <?php echo search_form(array('show_advanced'=>TRUE)); ?>

How do you determine which fields get searched? By default it appears to

  • Title
  • Subject
  • Description
  • Tags

Is there a way to increase those options adding more fields to the search, e.g. by adding Creator?

The simple, sitewide search indexes different things for different kinds of records.

But, for Items (and Files and Collections), all the Dublin Core and other metadata fields should be included by default.

I did a test and it did not appear to search the creator field, that's why I asked - let me check again.

I have the same question. My items have transliterated terms in them and I'd like a search to work if someone inputs a variant. For example, the name Joseph could be searched for as Josef, Yosef, etc.

Right not I'm experimenting by manually inputting variants as tags (i.e. in the tag field), in either Latin or Hebrew characters. When I run a simple search from the search bar at the top of the default page, I don't return any results for variant spellings, even when I manually input the variants. I also input the names in the original language.

There might well be a more efficient way of accomplishing this, but I'd still be curious to know why the search doesn't seem to include all fields.

Thanks for your help!

Sorry, I must not have saved properly. The search is now picking up the terms I have in tags.

I have another couple of question to the search :

1. Unexpected Results

I have an item which has the identifier "Photo 0005". Below please find a list of search examples with their results, which may be consistent with Omeka's search functionality, but somehow unexpected from a user perspective (the first part is always the search string).

  • photo : no results
  • photo 0005: finds item
  • 0005 : finds item

Why does it pick up "0005" but not "photo" ? Is there a way to change that?

2. Title Search

Currently when I enter the full title of an item into the search bar and do a keyword search, it is not necessarily finding them. For example I have an item named "Zeebrugge Museum World War I Scrapbook" and does not find that, I have another item named "Test Video" and that does get found. Even if I search for "Zeebrugge" it does not find that. Now this is the case when I search for keywords, when I change it to Boolean it is different, but this may be a bit unintuitive for a user.

Is there a better way?

Any idea as to why?