Search Elements Not Displaying All Results

Omeka Version: 2.3.1
PHP: 5.3.3
Exhibit Builder: 3.2.1

We noticed if we search for tags or some DC elements within the search box at the top of each page we are not getting all results. If we use the advanced search we are able to capture all DC elements including tags.

Within 2.3 is there a way to change search/index.php to match how the advanced search is pulling results?

Thanks - Z

The "search" page works totally differently than the item-specific advanced search. However, all the element texts and tags should be included in the searchable content for the sitewide search.

What people sometimes do run into are MySQL limitations on the type of search done by the search page (a "fulltext" search). In particular, MySQL provides many stopwords that are simply ignored (usually very common words), will ignore words that are too short (less than 4 letters long), and will ignore words that appear in 50% or more of records.

That last restriction, the 50% limit, is avoidable by choosing to do a "boolean" sitewide search rather than a keyword.