Scripto transcription problem

I'm having a problem on our production server that doesn't happen on our development server even though they were installed exactly the same so maybe the error is data related?? If I go to on our site, the image doesn't display and an error gets logged to the httpd error_log file that says:

getimagesize( could not make seekable - in /prodat/omeka/omeka-2.0.4-peoplescontest/plugins/Scripto/ScriptoPlugin.php on line 442

Also, when I go to my wiki at (aka, I get no response and it just tries to load forever. This works on my development server at

I don't know if the two problems are related or not. I did go to my mysql tables and was able to get into mysql and look at the tables so the database appears to be functioning normally.

Thought I'd update this thread. We apparently had an apache problem. After restarting apache, the problem went away.