Scripto installation problem

First check corresponding media wiki and scripto logins compared with omeka try combinations.

I have installed Omeka (successfully save an ImageMagick issue I am working on)
I have installed MediaWiki (successfully) under the name "ddd"
I have installed Scripto (I can see it in Omeka) under the name "ddd"

I cannot see anything in

When I go to Scripto all I get are:

Logged in as ddd (logout)
Your Contributions
You have no contributions.

I have uploaded one item via Omeka as a test.

Nothing appears in Scripto to transcribe. I can see no other way to add something in Omeka or Scripto.

Not sure where the problem or even if there is a problem, but if there is no problem, I am missing something?

Thanks in advance for any assistance

Have you looked at the instructions? Just want to be sure you're editing and looking in the correct place.

You should see something on your Omeka item page above the file that says Transcribe, like in this example:

Oops, forgot the link to the instructions:

you'r right. i did not go far enough down the page. it works! thanks sheila.