Scripto and transcriptions

We may begin a huge transcription project using Scripto but I have a few questions before we proceed..

Is the website at the following link possible in Omeka on an item's show page?

I have a completed transcription and we want to be able to display the image of a letter next to the typed transcription. I am trying to find a better solution than to have people go through Scripto, or to have a block of transcription text on the item/show page.

From what I can tell with Omeka, the content area on an item's show page is quite narrow due to the navigation, so having two windows next to each other doesn't seem user friendly.

The only solution I've come up with so far is to combine the image of a letter with the image of the transcription in Acrobat, then upload it and have people open the document in a separate window.

A further problem is that only a few Omeka records will need this side by side display of images/transcript..

Has anyone tried this:

I'm sure someone has a better solution so I would really appreciate your help!

You'll need to do some heavy modifications to the item's show page, but I imagine that it's possible. There's no need for Scripto if you already have completed transcriptions.

Thanks for replying.
Any suggestions?
And I should have clarified.. We are going to use Scripto for upcoming transcription projects, but I am trying to think about how to display the transcriptions that have been already been completed and exist in Word documents, etc.