Santa Fe item show page?

Hi all -

I'd like to change the item display page on my site. I'm using the Santa Fe theme, and I cannot find a show.php file for the item display. The Berlin and Thanks, Roy themes both have an items/show.php file that I could edit to get the layout I want. Anyone know where the equivalent is for Santa Fe?


When a theme is missing a file you want to edit, it means the theme is just falling back to the default view provided by Omeka.

You can make a copy of the default file (from application/views/scripts) and put it in your theme, and then edit that.

Hi John -

Thanks for the reply! This is helpful, and I do see the file I want to edit: application/views/scripts/items/show.php.

I'm very new at this, so I just want to make sure I understand... In my theme, do I just place the edited file at santa-fe/items/show.php?

Scratch that second question - I answered it myself by trying it out and yes, placing the edited file into themes/santa-fe/items/show.php works.

Thanks again for the info, John - it was just what I needed. :)