Sample data set for Omeka


I am working on a project, working to extend the indexing and search functionalities of Omeka. Was hoping if there is a sample data set that I can use to test Omeka integration with Solr and Lucene.


Hi Mohit,

This sounds like a great project. I'll see if I can acquire the items and files included in the Omeka sandbox, and send them your way for testing purposes.

An implementation of Solr and Lucene would best be done by building a plugin, and if you'd be willing to contribute it back I'm sure this would be immensely helpful for the community at large. Zend has built-in support for Lucene (, and we can discuss it further on the Developer Google Group if you're interested (

Sounds like an exciting project, I'll be in touch soon.


Thanks Dave

I am working to integrate Open Context with Omeka and all the code (as far as permissible) will be under GPL. You can look at the output of the index at

For now I have started to work on a plugin that pulls data from Omeka and write full-data feeds including the dublin core data and other things like tags, comments etc. We will be using these files as an input to the Solr index.

It will be a great help to get the data as soon as possible, and I hope the project will be of help to the Omeka community.


Thanks, Mohit. We're thrilled about the possibilities of integrating with Open Context.

Take care,