RSS Feed for Recently Added Items

I recently moved hosting for my Omeka site. Along with the Omeka site, I run a Wordpress site that cross-posts the Omeka info and some search databases.

Before the move, I had an RSS widget on the Wordpress site that displayed the 5 most 'Recently Added Items'. I apparently made some changes to the feed URL because it is not pulling the same items as before. I viewed the source of the Omeka index page and found the standard "items/browse?output=rss2".

I didn't document what I did before, and it's been a while since I have finished this project. Can anyone help with the url for the RSS feed to display the last 5 items added?

The URL above is listing items, but they are not the most recently added.


I should have included that when I moved hosts, all of my widgets disappeared, so I don't have anything to go back and reference.

Could you give a link to the Omeka site you are trying to pull data from?

Sure.. is the Omeka site. is the WordPress site. The widget is in the left sidebar.

Were you able to find anything Patrick?

There seems to be something happening on your site that's preventing the normal "date added" sorting from working. Perhaps a plugin, custom or otherwise, that's overriding the sorting?

Regardless, you can work around the problem by sorting by ID, which is usually "close enough" to the date-based recentness sorting.

The URL for the feed of items sorted by ID, descending, is

Thank you John.. This will work great!

When I updated this widget's RSS link yesterday, it pulled in the latest items added to the Omeka site. I added more items to the site a few hours ago and the widget is not displaying newly added items. Would this be an issue with the url provided above or something in Wordpress?

Thanks again!

Nevermind.. I ran into this a few months ago, but never moved the function over to the new Wordpress theme's functions.php file.

If it help anyone else, the code is:

add_filter( 'wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime',
   create_function('$a', 'return 600;') );

to force a feed refresh every 10 minutes.