Roadmap for Contribution plugin?

Hi Folks,

I really like the look of 2.1, thanks for your continued innovation of this great CMS!

Just wondering if there is an update on the planned release date of the contribution plugin for 2.x versions? I've got a site that we're planning to launch in November which includes public user contribution as a core function. I'm trying to figure out whether I stay with 1.5 or commit to 2.x



The Contribution plugin update is currently in the last phases of internal testing, testing the upgrade from older versions to the revamped new version. It's safe to say that it will be available and released for Omeka 2.x before November.

There are significant changes to Contribution for 2.x. Most notably, it depends on the GuestUser plugin, and optionally the UserProfiles plugin, so that contributors' information can be stored and utilized better.

Thanks for the update Patrick, much appreciated.

Hey Folks,

Just checking in about this one - are we still looking for a release before November?

Sorry to keep asking :-)

No problem. Before November might be pushing it, but I'm aiming for as soon thereafter as possible

Will there be a way to accept contributions without requiring users to create an account and login?

I am working on a (gov't) project where requiring user accounts may create some headaches.

Yes. There is a dependency w/the Guest User plugin, but you can configure that plugin to allow a "quick contribution" that doesn't require account creation.

Excellent, thanks Sheila!

Hi Folks, Just a gentle nudge on this one :-) Just wondering if you have a better idea on release date for the 2.x compatible contribution plugin?



Sorry to say I don't have an estimate, but can say that work is still active