Roadmap and maintenance policy


We need more information about the roadmap and the maintenance policy of Omeka.

This question is important, because changes are numerous in the 2.0 and plugins will not be ported before a long time. Currently, most plugins are not even compatible with version 1.5 (often version 1.0 or 1.3).

In my library, we choose to use Omeka 1.5.3 for our digitalized collections. But there is no information about the duration of the maintenance of this branch, nor if there will be a simple upgrade way to 2.0, both for the core and for the plugins.


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management


We are in the process of writing a few blog posts that will discuss the upcoming 2.0 release. As we have done with other versions of Omeka, all earlier releases of the core software and versions of plugins and themes will always be available for users if they need to grab an earlier version.

Most of the plugins that CHNM developed are usable in version 1.5 +. The challenge is that we cannot force other developers to upgrade their plugins that were built for earlier versions of Omeka.

When the time comes, we will provide detailed instructions for upgrading Omeka, themes, and plugins. We will not be releasing all upgraded versions of plugins and themes at the exact same moment as the new core 2.0. They will roll out soon after and we will discuss that soon on the blog.


Like Sheila said, we're putting together information in anticipation of Omeka 2.0. One document that might be helpful to check on periodically is Updating Plugins for 2.0. It is somewhat in flux as we aim for 2.0, but it should give an idea of what's in store.

We're also looking at our plugins to determine priorities for updating, reworking, or potentially abandoning or putting up for adoption.

The first step to that will come from data we have about plugin downloads, but it also sounds like this thread might be a good starting place for anecdotal information about what plugins people depend on most and most want to see available as we move over to 2.0.



Thanks for these informations. The Updating plugins for 2.0 page is already very complete.

But what about duration of maintenance and security fixes for the 1.x series, in particular the last one 1.5?


The dev and management team are working through that detail, and will post something back shortly. I can say, though, that we certainly won't stop support for 1.5 immediately upon release of 2.0. Other releases in the 1.x series should upgrade to 1.5, since that's what contains the current maintenance and security fixes that the series.