RFC: SubjectBrowse plugin

I'm currently developing a plugin that enables browsing by subject in Omeka. I'm trying to narrow down what I should be working on right now, and get ideas for features that would be useful for people using Omeka.

The plugin lives here: http://github.com/pobocks/SubjectBrowse, and can be seen in action here.

My current plans:

  1. Allow the #0-9A-Z helper links to be turned on and off.
  2. Allow the letter headings to be turned on and off (already can be done in CSS, of course)
  3. Allow an arbitrary url-slug/route

Any more ideas? Which of these ideas would you potentially use?

And, finally - would it be worthwhile to develop the project in a more general way, to allow browses to be created for any arbitrary field? Or would that be adding useless complexity to the install process?


I really like the idea and I think it would be very useful to allow browses for any field.

Thanks a lot