Return Current Page function for breadcrumb?

Is there a function that will return the current page? Or can I pass an option that will de-activate the homepage link under certain conditions?

I have Omeka as a sub-directory of WordPress and I'm trying to replicate the WP NavXT breadcrumbs system using my Omeka theme's header.

Right now, I have this:

<div id="crumb">
<a href="">Home</a>
<?php echo link_to_home_page('Collections & Exhibits'); ?>
<?php echo settings(); echo $title ? ' &raquo; ' . $title : ''; ?>

This is 99% okay, so I guess I sort of figured it out already. The only thing I would like to change is to make that link_to_homepage link not active when the current page is set to home.

Does that make even sense? If not, the page is here:

You'll notice in the WP sections, I don't link to the current page, but in Omeka I think I must. I'm sorry if this is a very ill-defined problem!

Just some untried guesses.


Hopefully one of those will give at least a test to branch off of.


Can you specify where you're looking to return the current page (somewhere in your regular Omeka theme, or exhibit builder, etc), and explain what you mean by "return current page function?" The only place in Omeka that has breadcrumbs by default is exhibit builder, because it uses nested pages.

Do you mean return the title of the page a user is currently on?, even if that's just a subdirectory of a domain? (ie:

I'll give Patrick's suggestions a try, but to clarify...

I have a WordPress site with Omeka in a subdirectory. Using the theme of each platform, I am trying to visually integrate the two. On WordPress, I have breadcrumbs that work like so:

WPhome >> WPpage >> WPsubpage

The first two are linked while the last one (the current page) is not.

In the Omeka section, I have the breadcrumbs set up the same visually, so that Omeka seems like another page with sub-pages, like so:

WPhome >> OmekaHome >> OmekaCurrentPageTitle

Because I am using the link_to_home_page() function, that OmekaHome link is always active. Because I'm using settings() to get the OmekaCurrentPageTitle, that one is never an active link, which is generally fine.

The Omeka breadcrumb is more or less working but lacks granularity and has that pesky linked final breadcrumb on the OmekaHome page. To keep things consistent, I could just change the settings in WP to make the current page an active link, but I'm not a fan of that. Thus, I was trying to find a way around it. Upon further reflection, I'm not sure there is a way around it.

Like I said, though, I will mess around and see what I can figure out. If I find a solution, I'll share it here.

Thanks guys.