Restricting metadata fields to display

I'm trying to display only certain metadata fields for our items. There's a note in item.php about examples in the codex, but searching it and the forums turned up nothing. I looked at the api reference for show_item_metadata() and it looks like you can only restrict by metadata type. I'm trying to only have item text, contributor and date display. Is there a way to restrict the display on only these fields?



As long as the other fields are empty you can hide them from displaying:

echo show_item_metadata(array('show_empty_elements' => false));

Alternatively, if you have data in other fields, but just want to show text, contributor and date, you can just remove the show_item_metadata() and call each field specifically.

<?php echo item('Dublin Core', 'Title'); ?>
<?php echo item('Item Type Metadata', 'Text'); ?>

see: Functions/item

That should do the trick.