Resizing thumbnail images

I am a new user and have selected "dark" for my theme. My collection is focussed on postcards and the square thumbnail does not work for postcard size. I cannot find anywhere on the settings to resize from square thumbnail to the postcard size (rectangle) thumbnail.

The choice of "normal" thumbnails or square thumbnails is made by the theme.

If you want to use the non-square thumbnail on your items/browse page, your best option would be to grab the file "application/views/scripts/items/browse.php"

and copy it to "themes/dark/items/browse.php" (you'll have to create the "items" folder).

Once it's there, you can change that file's to use the function item_thumbnail instead of item_square_thumbnail.

Dark's homepage also uses square thumbnails, and you can change that by editing Dark's "index.php" file directly.

Hi guys, similar problem here:

I have changed items/browse and /show in my theme already...but they're still square, any idea where this is controlled from then..?(have checked file permissions etc all seems ok..)

Same goes for my " /admin/exhibits/edit-page-content/" page, I'd want these thumbnails (from where I choose items for the exhibits) to be proportionate instead of square; I thought I'd changed all instance of 'square' in the theme ... Unless I'm supposed to upload images again after making these changes in php files?

Much appreciated!

You definitely don't need to reupload any files to change from square thumbnails to proportional ones.

The code that's controlling that thumbnail's appearance should be in your theme's items/show.php file. It looks like you've already altered that file to use a Lightbox, so make sure you're looking at that code.

As for the thumbnails in the Exhibit Builder's admin interface, those aren't really meant to be changed, though you could also do so by editing the plugin's view for that item popup.

Hi John,

didn't think so, but struggling to make sense of this one; even if I disable the lightbox function my thumbs are square... Plus the lightbox function is only called after the thumbnail right; indicating it really should be in items/show... but its not...

I'll have a go at the interface thumbs as well; it's quite handy to see if an image is portrait or landscape before you add it to an exhibit..


I think the issue here is that my old instructions above were mostly geared to browse pages, where the thumbnail call is usually a separate function.

On a show page, it's usually the function display_files_for_item that needs to be changed to change the thumbnail display.

Something like

display_files_for_item(array('imageSize' => 'thumbnail'));

should get you your proportional thumbnails. If you already have an array inside your display_files_for_item call (as you likely would if you're using the lightbox code) then you just add theimageSize part to that existing array.

Awesome! worked, thanks so much John!
for reference, this is what the array looks like now
display_files_for_item(array('imageSize' => 'thumbnail','linkAttributes'=>array('rel'=>'lightbox[gallery]')))

I am having the exact same issue and have put the code above in my theme's item.php file, but now instead of a thumbnail, there's just a little icon (like a missing image icon). Am I missing something? Any help is appreciated - thanks!

are you using 2.0? I was still working on 1.5 at the time of this thread..

Nope, we still have 1.5