Resizing images

Is there a way to automatically resize all of the images on my Omeka site? Currently, they are all enlarged so that they are covered by other boxes. You can see that here:

I'd ideally like for all of the images to fit the rectangle that they come out of.

The Derivative Images plugin will let you resize the derivative images to fit the rectangle.

It _might_ also be possible to address this with the CSS of your theme. Not exactly sure how that might work though.

Thanks for the tip! I did find a way to change it in the CSS, however. For anyone else who might want to know in the future...

I am dealing with the Autumn version of the Seasons theme, but I've changed it around quite a bit to suit my needs. This is what I changed in the CSS file (it begins on line 918): .item-file * {
    max-width: 40%;
  } .item-file img {
    vertical-align: bottom;
	display: block;
	margin-right: 350px;
	max-width: 40%;
  } .download-file {
    display: inline-table;
	max-width: 40%;

Now my vertical images fit nicely into the box. My horizontal ones will always stick out a little bit, but that's to be expected with the shapes!