resizeing movie file on show items page

I want to resize the movie file that is already on a specific items/show page. I can not find the folder that has the item/show pages. It does not show up on in omeka/admin folder.

How can I access the page so I can make the changes I want to make? and what line would I be looking for?

There aren't separate pages for each items/show page. All items/shows are handled by the same PHP file: admin/items/show.php for the admin side.

You're looking to change this on the admin side? As far as I know, we don't directly show videos on items/show pages on the admin.

I'm looking to change the size of the movie file that appears on the omeka/items/show page.

I believe if you find the call to files_for_item (I'm assuming we're talking about the public side, so the file would be in your theme), you can add an argument that will change the widths and heights of videos:

files_for_item(array('width' => 800, 'height' => 600));

Some plugins, like the HTML5 Media plugin, can also let you configure the default width and height of videos.