Resize thumbnails didn't work

I am using the Rhythm theme in version 2.4. I believe I have successfully resized the thumbnails using the derivative images resize tool. However, they still appear the same size as before in the Browse items page. I am sure, as usual there is something simple I am missing in order to get them to display at full size .
Could someone pleasee tell me what file I have edit and how?
Much thanks

Usually the missing element for people is that the theme sets a width or height for the thumbnails, so no matter how big the actual image is, it takes up a predictable size on the page.

In Rhythm, you probably want to look at styles in style.css that set the height of images, like the one for .browse .image img.

Thanks Much John, obviously you were correct! I had adjusted that earlier and wasn't seeing any difference. That was because I was actually trying to adjust the size of the image that is displayed once I was viewing an individual item. To adjust that I had to edit .item img in the same file.

I am sorry my original question wasn't accurate. But your response made me redouble the efforts to find the solution I needed. Hopefully it may help someone in the future.

Much thanks again!