resize partition or change Archive Folder path

Hi Omeka Team and Community
Congratulations for Omeka !.
My OS is openSUSE 11.4.

In my first partition of HD (with the OS, server and Omeka in /srv/www/htdocs) I have no more space.

So, is there a possibility to move Archive or Files Omeka folder (srv/www/htdocs/omeka/archive/files) an another partition ?

Thank you in advance


The easiest thing to do in your case might be to just make the "archive" folder a symlink to a folder on your other partition with more space.

John, thank you for your comments.
I am a simple user (no technician or developer).
I have a sda3/etx4 partition for data storage.
After create the Files Folder, how I make a symlink?

I am sorry for asking,
I think that you are a busy person.
Please, if you have time, Can you give me an example or steps?

thank you in advance


I can make a symlink.
However, in both files Folder (omeka and storage partition), I have the same documents when upload new items to omeka (duplicate documents).

Thank you for any help.


I'm not sure what you mean by "duplicate documents."

If you're just talking about the fact that you can get to the folder of uploaded files from both paths, that's the expected behavior of a symlink.

If there's some genuine duplication going on, that's likely not Omeka, it doesn't really store multiple copies of files (except for thumbnails, obviously).