Report Plugin Not running

We are having trouble with the Report Module (version 2.0). We have a recently updated Omeka 2.3.1 instance installed and appears in good order.

We also recently added the Reports plug in, and it reported successful install. We can create a new report, but when we and generate a page from the report the status always reads "Starting".

The files/reports directory is writable, and nothing is being added to the errors.log file.

I checked, but didn't see this issue come up. Anyone else have this issue? Is there a needed module that isn't listed as a prerequisite?

We also have COinS, CSS Editor, Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, and VideoStream installed.

There are no required Omeka plugins for Reports, but if you were trying to generate QR codes, there are PHP module and other requirements. Were you trying to do a QR code, or HTML report?

Just to double-check, do you have logging turned on, as described in ?

Another thing to check is if there's a conflict with plugins that we haven't seen yet. Try deactivating your plugins and seeing if it goes through. If so, reactivate them one by one to see which is the culprit.

Very wise... I disabled all plug ins, it works. Then I renabled each in turn -- the culprit was the Video Stream plug in. I never got that to work properly anyway... thanks for the guidance!

Thanks...good to know. I don't think I've run across the Video Stream plugin. Do you have a link to where you got it?


For info, I just updated the Video Stream plugin (, and add some documentation on how to use it, so now, you just have to unzip it and it works!


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for sharing this Video Stream Plugin, I was searching for it.