Replacing existing item metadata

Is it possible to use CSVImport to replace or add metadata to existing items? And if so, what do I use as an identifier to link the csv metadata to the item? I have only done imports with new files in Dropbox. Would I need to use the Omeka filename?


Daniel Daniel Berthereau's brilliant fork of the CSV import plugin can help you:

(scroll down to the examples on the above page)

You will need to choose a unique identifier to link the additional metadata to their items. I use the Dublin Core Identifier field for this.

You might also take a look at Bulk Metadata Editor

Thanks so much for your responses. Unfortunately, when the items were created the only metadata added was Title (which is why we want to add more), so there is no unique identifier to link to (unless the Omeka filename exists as a field somewhere that I am not seeing?)

I will check out bulk-metadata-editor and see if it might help.


Normally, in your case, the title should be unique, else how do you do to find your records? So you can set the unique identifier to "Dublin Core : Title".


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management