Replacing Dublin Core with a different name in Public and Admin view

I'm working on a project which does not need to adhere to the standard Dublin Core formula. Right now we are using the handy plugin Hide Elements to cut out all of the unneeded fields. I would like to be able to replace the actual Dublin Core heading with something else, so when I create an item on the Admin side instead of seeing Dublin Core followed by a list of metadata options I could see Some-Other-Metadata standard followed by a list of metadata options.

Hope that is clear!

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If you have the latest (released yesterday) Omeka 2.2, there is a checkbox to disable showing the "Dublin Core" heading, at least on the public side.

today I put the last version but I don't find the checkbox for not showing dublin core..

The option for not displaying the "Dublin Core" heading is on the admin side, under Appearance -> Settings, at the "Show Element Set Headings" checkbox.

Thanks very much

Thank you very much. Unfortunately, I am trying to change the Admin side. Is it possible, when looking at the edit item page, on the admin side, to replace the Dublin Core heading with some other name? Simply change the text?

There's no built-in way to change that name.

If you don't mind: Why do you want to change the heading there?

I'm designing a website for a class a Professor of mine is teaching in the fall. It's a seminar on Walter Benjamin, as well as applying his methodology of history to tell the story of modernity on Lancaster Avenue, the first major highway which runs out of Philadelphia.

Throughout the semester students will be adding to an archive that will eventually live on Neatline.

However, it's an archive in a loose sense, and the Professor wants to be able to dictate the type of metadata being used.

I'm somewhat comfortable with PHP/HTML/Javascript, and have been doing a little work in the back end of Omeka, I am honestly just not sure which specific file contains the code relating to Admin side of the items page, that's my main issue I guess.

The names and contents of those tabs on the edit page are controlled by the admin_items_form_tabs filter.

You could use unset and drop out the Dublin Core tab entirely (and either force users to go through the Item Type Metadata to enter anything or make your own tab and use that), or you could just change the label by changing the key.

Thank you very much, I'd actually just come across that filter this afternoon while messing around.

What I don't quite understand is where that filter is actually applied/set. It seems to come up in a couple of the different /admin/themes/default/items.

Any advice on how to go about actually changing it would be much appreciated.