Replacing all images in the files folder

We want to replace all images in our archive/files folder with images that have a small watermark. In the past I've replaced images in batches, by deleting the original, and then uploading the replacement image with the exact same file name. However, since we will be replacing all the images (over 2000) can I create a new folder in the archive folder, upload the watermarked images to that folder, and then change the name of the files folder to files_old, and change the name to the new folder to files? Are there any restrictions to changing the names of these folders?

You can replace the files directly, and you can move folders around to accomplish that if you want.

Omeka just needs files with the right names to be in that folder when it's running.

Note, though, that if you just directly replace the files on the filesystem, Omeka won't create new derivative images (thumbnails, "fullsize" images) for you.

Not sure, but the Image Resize plugin might let you re-create new derivatives.

Thanks. We are mainly concerned with replacing the original sized file images with ones that have been watermarked. If we don't replace the smaller versions, it's not a big deal.