ReplaceDCTitle Plugin Make Admin page Inaccesible

I already posted this issue in the plugins forum, so Apologies for cross-posting.

We installed ReplaceDCTitle Plugin and did realize it required the PBCore Plugin. Now we cannot uninstall the former or install the latter because we get an error that Omeka is looking for PBCore and we cannot get to the admin pages.

Anybody know a work around?

The easiest immediate option in a case like this is just to delete or move the folder of the plugin you want to "remove." Omeka won't be able to load it then.

That will leave an error message about the plugin being missing on your Plugins page. If you don't want to move the plugin back (say, after installing the other plugin you need) then you'd have to edit the plugins table in the database to remove the record of ReplaceDcTitle being installed.

You might want to report this as an issue with ReplaceDcTitle. Plugins can declare that they require other plugins in their plugin.ini file, and if this had been done here, Omeka would have refused to install ReplaceDcTitle unless all the dependencies were present, preventing the situation you're in now.

Worked like a charm. Thanks. I will report the issue.