Reordering items in a collection

A student I'm working with asks if she can rearrange the way that items appear in her collection. Is this possible, or must she create an exhibit in order to do this? Thanks!

This sparked some good convo at the dev table. Out of the box, it'd be using an exhibit.

It is possible, though, to create a plugin that can do this. The criteria for ordering could be a little tricky (do you mean by alphabetically by Title, or assigning specific order to individual items?). The itemBrowseSql hook would do the trick. The hardest part would probably be the interface. If you want to give that plugin a whirl, let me know and I'll give pointers where I can!

Unfortunately, I don't have access to the back-end of this install, so I'll tell the student she should create an exhibit if she wants to change the order.

Thanks so much, as always!

I'm not sure if this will solve your particular issue, but I've written a plugin that lets users customize the default order of items in collections:

It needs further testing, but it may be useful.

Edit: the plugin only works on Omeka's master branch (1.5-dev)